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DMT is a life science company with more than thirty years of experience in development, manufacture and sale of hardware and software for ex vivo studies in physiology, pharmacology and toxicology.
We provide the needs of the user with first class mechanical, electrical and software engineering to become one of the worlds leading designers and manufacturer of Wire, Pressure and Muscle Strip Myographs as well as Tissue Organ Bath Systems.
In this role driven by the requirements of our large global customer base, we also provide complete and integrated technologies including surgical, electrophysiological, pharmacological and physiological tools used by the research community and the pharmaceutical industry.

Danish Myo Technology A/S - Head Office in Aarhus, Denmark
                                                Head Office in Aarhus, Denmark

Our mission is to deliver state of the art instruments for in-vitro studies of vascular structure and functions to the global marked of researchers and scientists within the areas of vascular biology and muscle physiology.

Our vision is to be considered as the number one supplier of Wire, Pressure and Muscle Strip Myographs and Tissue Organ Bath Systems.

Quality - through high standards, materials, functionality and work methods.

Commitment – on the needs of our customers

Innovation – develop new and improved instruments in order to create growth and profitability

Danish Myo Technology A/S, originally J.P. Trading, was founded in 1980 by John Pedersen. The Myograph which was the corporation's first and only product at the time come to be in interplay between Professor Michael John Mulvany's wish of the possibility to research resistant blood vessels and John Pedersen's mechanical background and ideas. The result became a ‘Myograph'

The name Myograph is a compound word of the word myo (Latin for muscle) and graph (planned drawing). The result of the use of a myograph is a transcript of the muscle activity under different influence, hence myograph.

After the development of the myograph and published results the demand increased slowly and soon myographs were now made produced for a narrow group of European researchers. In time the business moved from a basement to new and larger facilities in Forskerparken, Aarhus in Denmark.

Through the nineties a variety of myograph came and do to continues growth in all areas J.P. Trading moved again and turned into Danish Myo Technology A/S. The move was to new buildings in Skejbyparken where administration, developing, electronic and mechanical is located today. During 2008 there was a generational change and the original owner's sons, who were joint owners, took over the full ownership so the cooperation stays owned by family. Today the cooperation is still growing and outside the head office in Aarhus it operates from the branch office in Copenhagen as well as the American daughter company DMT-USA, Inc. in Ann Arbor, Michigan.


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